1a Tesalonicenses 5:21-22 TLA

Pónganlo todo a prueba, pero quédense nada más con lo bueno, y rechacen todo lo malo. 1a Tesalonicenses 5:21-22 TLA

Creative Children´s Ministries

Rev. Barney Kinard
Barney was born in New London, CN in 1943. His father was a career Naval Officer and a veteran of World War II and the Korean War. Barney is the oldest of five children and spent a good deal of his childhood and youth moving around the country following his father’s career. One of these moves changed his life.

Barney’s conversion story occurred when he was a boy of nine in a neighbor’s home in Encinitas, CA. Mrs. Kay Fulton was a new adult Christian and the Lord led her to open her home to the neighborh....