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The Church Is Always One Generation From Extinction

by Michael Gryboski of The Christian Post
As many churches look for ways to grow and maintain their congregations, one author argues that an important and often overlooked component is children.
...not giving good attention to children's ministry can be fatal for a congregation, citing the experience of friend and colleague Tony Campolo. Campolo, a professor emeritus of sociology at Eastern University, decided one day to visit his childhood church only to find it had closed down. With the permission of the former elders, Campolo got access to the church documents and decided to look at the records for the year when as a kid he decided to give his life to Christ.
Campolo read the record and saw that the writer had talked of it being a rough year for the congregation, as they had only three conversions and these three were "just children."
"A church begins to die when they say 'they are just children,"' said Stafford.
You can read the entire post, Compassion CEO: Church Is Always One Generation From Going Extinct,"
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